Time Saving Fixture "Air-fix 22B1"

Time Saving FixtureAir-fix 22B1

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It is a "Time Saving Fixture" that increases productivity by moving a coordinate measuring machine or a work on a stone surface plate smoothly and fixing it tightly. Work fixing work Shorten the setup time! Great merit especially for single items and small lot items!



<What is Air-fix?>
A vacuum suction type fixing fixture that can fix the work at any position when using Mitutoyo's Eco-fix on a coordinate measuring machine or stone surface plate. It is firmly adsorbed on the surface plate just by supplying compressed air. Adsorption to stone surface plates and ceramic surface plates, which is not possible with magnet fixtures, is possible. Even during suction, it can be easily moved and attached by simply pressing the exhaust port with your finger.

Started selling "Air-fix22B1", a "time saving fixture" jointly developed by Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. and Sasaki Koki Co., Ltd. under the license of Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a global precision measuring equipment manufacturer. did. Furthermore, a joint patent application has been filed between the two companies for this product. [Patent No. 4616563] [Japanese Patent Application No. 2022-042420]


① Instead of the Eco-fix base plate
② For positioning and abutting of workpieces
③ Use Eco-fix spring clip to hold the work
④ On the dial gauge stand
⑤ For holding a large work that protrudes from the Eco-fix base plate
⑥ For the base of the magnet stand

Eco-fixis a clamping tool of Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. By combining each element like a block toy, it is a clamping system that can easily fix various measurement objects


Size :21 mm x 58 mm x 91 mm, weight 630 g

Air consumption flow rate :8 L / min <in standard condition>

Adsorption retention :200 N (20.4 kgf) <vertical direction> 65 N (6.6 kgf) (spring plate tip)

Quietness (operating sound) :50dB The standard of operating sound is 50dB, which is about a quiet office.

Loading weight :Max 10kg for φ12mm location pin up to 50mm length, max 1kg for over 50mm up to 100mm

The table below summarizes the load on the Air-fix location pin for Mitutoyo CMMs.

 ①When using φ12 location pin

 ②When using φ20 location pin


* A 3-Port Manifold, 6-Port Manifold, and piping set are available as optional items. Please contact us for details.
* Warranty :1 year from purchase

<Air-fix 22B1 Instruction Manual>    Download PDF here.

(1)Air-fix Body (1 pc)


Optional Items

(2)6-Port Manifold

(3)3-Port Manifold


(4)Piping Set

Piping set configuration Φ4 tube, Φ6 tube, hand valve, reducer, tube fitting, coupler (total length about 3m) * Mitutoyo standard products are recommended for spring clips and screw adapters.Commercially available products can be used for air tubes (Φ4 mm) and columns (we can also prepare them.) Piping set configuration Φ4 tube, Φ6 tube, hand valve, reducer, tube fitting, coupler (total length about 3 m)

(5)Clamping Tool Extension Set-A

<Adsorption principle>

"Time saving fixture" Air-fix 22B1 adsorption principle explanatory diagram (The figure below shows the cross section of Air-fix 22B1.)

<Dimensional Drawing>

Please see the adsorption power of Air fix 22B1 in the video!
<F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions>
Q1. How many millimeters are the screw holes that stand up the columns on the top of the Air-fix body?
A1. It is a coarse screw of M6 x P1.0. An optional (paid) conversion adapter to M8 screws is also available.


Q2. How can a vacuum be created with the compressed air of an air compressor?
A2. The Air-fix 22B1 main unit has a built-in small vacuum generator called an ejector. Air is supplied from the ejector supply port and air is discharged from the exhaust port to create an air flow. Air-fix 22B1 There is a groove in the air reservoir at the bottom of the main body, and the air in it is put on the air flow created by the ejector and discharged to create a vacuum.

Q3. Is it okay to move (move) the Airfix with a workpiece on it?

A3. Never move the Airfix with a work on it. This is prohibited.

Common precautions for vacuum system equipment

Please be sure to read before using Air-fix.



1 If the adsorbent (workpiece) falls and is considered dangerous, take safety measures by taking fall prevention measures.

2 Do not use the vacuum circuit side where pressure of 0.1Mpa or more is constantly applied. Vacuum equipment does not have an explosion-proof structure, so there is a risk of damage to the main unit.

3 Please be careful about the decrease in vacuum pressure due to troubles in the supply air and supply power supply. Take safety measures as there is a risk that the adsorbed material will fall due to the decrease in adsorption power.

4 When two or more pads are connected to one ejector in a vacuum circuit, if one pad causes adsorption failure (leakage), there is a risk that the other pads will come off due to a drop in vacuum pressure.

5 Do not use it to block the exhaust port of the ejector or increase the exhaust resistance. It may not generate a vacuum or cause a decrease in vacuum pressure.

6 Do not use in an atmosphere of corrosive gas, flammable gas, explosive gas, chemicals, seawater, water vapor or where it adheres. Also, never inhale.

7 Please attach a protective cover in places exposed to sunlight.

8 Perform regular maintenance and inspection of the silencer element of the ejector and the filter element of the vacuum filter. Clogged elements may cause performance degradation or trouble.

9 When replacing the element, make sure you understand the vacuum ejector replacement element well.

10 Check each port of the ejector by checking the text and the display on the main body, and perform piping. Incorrect piping may cause damage to the main unit.

11 For the ejector supply air, remove drains and dust and use clean air. Also, do not refuel with a lubricator. Impurities and oil contained in compressed air may cause malfunction and performance deterioration.

12 Do not give strong tensile force or extreme bending to the lead wire. It may cause disconnection.

13 If the product has a locknut, be sure to tighten it by hand without using a tool. If tightened with a tool, it may cause damage to the locknut or the main body. Also, if it cannot be tightened securely, the locknut may loosen and the initial setting may be incorrect.

14 Do not forcibly swing or rotate the product whose resin body rotates. It may cause damage or leakage of the main body.





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