Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing

Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing

We provide air bearings that have both functions of being able to move objects from the mounting table through an air film while maintaining high precision at a predetermined height.

<What is Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing?>

Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing is developed under patent license from Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a global precision measuring equipment manufacturer.
The preload air bearing was developed by our company under a patent license (Mitutoyo Patent No. 6276318) from Mitutoyo Co., Ltd., a world-famous manufacturer of precision measuring instruments.
In addition to the function of vacuum suction and fixation on the surface plate like the vacuum suction stand, it also has the function of being able to move from the surface plate using an air film while maintaining a predetermined height with high precision. We provide air bearings.
For example, when using it on a surface plate, the auto-stop function will work to prevent it from falling off the surface plate even if it moves to the edge of the surface plate.
Please use it according to your purpose. We can customize it if you discuss the load capacity etc.


① A function that allows heavy objects to be moved while maintaining them at a specified height from the surface plate with high precision via an air film.
② Function that can be fixed by vacuum suction on a surface plate, similar to the vacuum suction stand


Size: 18mm x 80mm x 125mm, weight 395g
Air consumption flow rate measurement in progress
Adsorption retention measurement in progress
Quietness (operation noise) during measurement
Loaded weight being measured



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