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About ordering and quotation

1. About quotation of parts processing

 (1) Please contact us by phone, fax or email. We also support individual customers. We can handle even one quantity.

 (2) Please prepare the drawing. If you do not have a drawing, please prepare a handwritten ponchi-e that shows the shape and dimensions.

 (3) Please let us know the details. Quantity, material, desired unit price, desireddelivery date, whether or not the material is supplied, whether or not it is processed, intended use, your company's address / telephone number / fax number, E-MAIL address, name of the person in charge

2. For an estimate

 (1) Please contact us by phone, fax, or email.

 (2) If you have a drawing, please prepare the drawing, and if it is from the design, please come to the office and discuss the specifications with the person in charge.

Phone / Fax / Email

+8144-844-0338(weekday 08:00~17:00)

Metal parts processing (machining center, NC lathe, NC milling, electric discharge machining, welding), automation / labor saving Mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, non-contact thickness measuring device (non-contact thickness measuring device) OZUMA22, ASTM standard impact vibration tester, vacuum Suction tool stand (alternative to magnet stand), Time saving fixture Air-fix, air balance type cylinder, load endurance tester (testing machine), drop test machine, triangular free jaw, square free jaw, preload Air bearings, air bearings for transporting heavy objects, vial stands