Stainless Steel Vial Stand (Holder)

"Vial stand (holder)" is easy to use and improves job efficiency.

This is a first-of-its-kind vial stand (holder) that secures vials containing specimens from falling over during freeze-drying in medical settings.


We developed a unique vial stand in response to a request from Cell Application Technology Research Institute (a venture from St. Marianna University School of Medicine).

A vial is generally a small bottle used to contain injections, samples, etc.
A vial is a borosilicate glass tube bottle used to enclose pharmaceutical products.


①Do not fall down while working
② Vial stands can be connected if necessary.
③Heat resistant to freezing temperatures of -80℃ during vacuum freeze drying and high temperatures during sterilization
 General high temperature resistance temperature is around 600℃~900℃.
No problem with high temperature sterilization
④There are many open parts on the sides, so chemical solutions and samples do not accumulate easily.
⑤Alcohol resistance

 Size: 43mm x 43mm x 48mm
 Weight: 100g
 Material: SUS304
      (excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance)
 Applicable vial outer diameter size:
     Vial outer diameter of approximately Φ20mm to Φ23mm

<Vial stand (holder) connection example>




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