3-Jaw Chuck Adapter

3-Jaw Chuck Adapter   4-Jaw Chuck Adapter

Quick change from hard jaws to jaws can be cut

Attached to a general-purpose scroll chuck

Advantages of 3-Jaw Chuck Adapter or 4-Jaw Chuck Adapter
 Workpieces are less likely to be scratched (claw marks)
 Reduction of misalignment and improvement of machining accuracy by gripping again
 The workpiece is gripped with a wider surface than the hard jaws, so the deformation of the workpiece due to jaw pressure is reduced.
 Prolongs the life of the chuck.It can also be used as a jig for machining, etc.

■ How to use
(1) Clean the dirt on the scroll chuck (hard jaw) with a brush or dry cloth.
(2) Insert the jaw chuck adapter into the hard jaws of the scroll chuck.
(3) Lightly install an appropriate round bar while the tightening cap bolt is slightly loosened, and match the contact angle between the hard and 3-jaw chuck adapter.
(4) Adjust the mounting position of the 3-jaw chuck adapter with the surface gauge in a well-balanced manner.
(5) Tighten the attached round bar firmly and tighten each mounting bolt of the s3-jaw chuck adapter evenly.
(6) Remove the attached round bar and use the triangular stopper to cut the 3-jaw chuck adapter to the required size.

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